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A new humor column: This Week in Obvious Science

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After spending several months of browsing university and research institute press releases, I grew tired of coming across research that seemed, well, too obviou...


Remembering my childhood in Europe


Every time I think I’ve matured into an adult human being, I look back on my journal from 6th grade....


The sunflower monologue

Conversations with kids, Observations, Stories

Yesterday, after reading them David Sedaris’ “Think Differenter,” I had my students write fictional monologues about whatever they wanted̵...


How I gather my writing material

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The first time I was ever interviewed was by a Belmont student who came to see me perform for That Time of the Month. He asked me a bunch of questions (all of w...


The father, the son, and the holy roast

Observations, Stories, Things that my publicist says will ruin my brand

From journal, February 17, 2014: Yesterday, at church, an old person collapsed in the lobby, and as I was about to enter, a gentleman stopped me and asked that ...


My students know me too well

Conversations with kids, Observations, Things that my publicist says will build my "brand"

Scene–Apollo Middle School, classroom. Me: (taking off sweatshirt) Boy, it’s hot in here, today Student: No it isn’t. You just want to show us...


Taylor Swift loves Chuy’s, Betsy Johnson and me

Conversations with kids, Observations, Stories

I just spent the past hour convincing my second and third graders I’m dating Taylor Swift. 3rd grade Girl: Not uh…what’s her middle name, then...


A momentary lapse in judgement

Observations, Thought

After a week of feeling like I’d been drinking pure hydrochloric acid, I decided it’s time, at age 27, to change my diet. Acid reflux has bothered m...


Matching bras and panties

Observations, Question, The Lingerie Diaries

One of the most confusing things I learned while working at Victoria’s Secret is that women have a tendency to match their undergarments. The exact reason...


A hystery

Observations, The Lingerie Diaries

Before I got the job at Victoria’s Secret (this entry actually came a week before I got the application), I began researching as much about women as I pos...