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I make Jurassic Park references in everything I do–even my professional life

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When a friend claimed that he was a bigger "Jurassic Park" fan than me, I challenged him to a competition to see just how true that was....


A tinderella story

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I'd tried to find girlfriends in all kinds of places. Then I heard about this dating app called Tinder....


The sunflower monologue

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Yesterday, after reading them David Sedaris’ “Think Differenter,” I had my students write fictional monologues about whatever they wanted̵...


This might be a terrible comparison but bear with me

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Yesterday, in the interview, I was talking to the head of the company about how long it’s taken me (and is still taking me) to gain traction as a writer. ...


Reading in the round

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Six years ago all I dreamed of was playing a writers round in Nashville. Never imagined it’d one day be readingĀ an essay about working at Victoria’...


You never know who’s got a Victoria’s Secret model story

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It’s always nice when the boss you’re interviewing with shares the same name as your favorite dinosaur, and is wearing the same outfit Alan Grant wo...


On playing the telephone game with elementary kids

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When you work with elementary students, you quickly learn the best way to motivate them is with some kind of reward. Most of the time, when I’m feeling ge...


How I gather my writing material

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The first time I was ever interviewed was by a Belmont student who came to see me perform for That Time of the Month. He asked me a bunch of questions (all of w...


The father, the son, and the holy roast

Observations, Stories, Things that my publicist says will ruin my brand

From journal, February 17, 2014: Yesterday, at church, an old person collapsed in the lobby, and as I was about to enter, a gentleman stopped me and asked that ...


The perils of being a David Sedaris fan


Scene–On the rooftop deck with my girlfriend, enjoying the warm, winter afternoon Me: Why don’t I go get “Naked” and read you another es...