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Several years ago, I took it upon myself to write THE MOST TRUTHFUL HISTORY OF VALENTINE’S DAY EVER WRITTEN. THIS is the result....


An A-to-DD Bra-Buying Guide for Your Guy

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For all the (confused-as-shit) dudes out there buying lingerie this Valentine’s Day, I wrote THIS ARTICLE for you.  ...


Taylor Swift loves Chuy’s, Betsy Johnson and me

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I just spent the past hour convincing my second and third graders I’m dating Taylor Swift. 3rd grade Girl: Not uh…what’s her middle name, then...


This is just to say

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When teaching, I give my students two options to choose from when referring to me: They may either call me Mr. Chris or, if it’s easier to remember, Mr. C...


An excerpt from “The Lingerie Diaries,” on whether or not Victoria’s Secret hires men, and the Wikipedia article that changed everything

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Working at Victoria’s Secret would combine two of my greatest passions–women and learning–and I was, to say, excited at the prospect of what was t...


That Time of the Month: “Rocky Starts”

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My favorite moment from last night’s That Time of the Month: I was discussing the raffle prize, which featured a basket of goodies from Pure Romance by Ka...


Knock knock

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In the bathroom this morning, thinking I’m finally going to get some privacy, when I hear growling outside the door. I forgot who I’m dog sitting....


That Time of the Month Podcast: “The Best of Christopher Pilny”

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My co-producer and best friend, Melanie Vare, surprised me by doing a special “best of” episode on the That Time of the Month Podcast, featuring a f...


I read well in Dutch

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This morning, I was bored and decided to google my name, namely because I enjoy seeing the images that are associated with the search term “Christopher Pi...


Memoirs of a Panty Slinger, cont

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[Scene: Playground] Me: (looking at blonde, curly-haired child) I was just like that when I was that age Father: Really? Me: Yeah Father: Huh Father: So what do...