How I gather my writing material

The first time I was ever interviewed was by a Belmont student who came to see me perform for That Time of the Month. He asked me a bunch of questions (all of which you can read HERE), but the last, I think, was one of the most important–especially for new writers trying to make their way.

Belmont Student: Any new material?

Me: Material is never-ending. I always hear something, or see something, and have to write about it. I think David Sedaris put it best: I’m like a little garbageman who goes around and picks up bits and pieces, then goes home and builds a car out of them. I’ll often have things happen, like the other day when I met this elderly lady who is going to help me with voiceover work. We’ve been emailing back and forth, but then one night I received an email from her that said:


Clifton listened to your demo and she agreed with me and all those who respond to your voice that you have very good pipes!

Clifton suggested you

And that was it. So it left me wondering, This woman either sent half of this message by accident, or she died mid-sentence and somehow still managed to hit the send button.Which made me really sad because, if the latter was true, I was never going to find what Clifton had suggested.

Moments like this happen every day. I have no idea when or how I’ll use them; I just know I will. It’s a form of hoarding in a way. You could put me on that show.


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