Baltimore Police Confiscated This Weird-Looking Gun (wrote & produced)

Tattooing with Deer Bones (wrote and produced)

5 of the Baddest WWI Guns (wrote & Produced)

5 Great Backcountry Rifles (wrote & produced)

This Ranch Lets You Fire a Tank (wrote & produced)

Strange Heartland History: How a Gunshot Wound to the Stomach Changed Medical History (wrote & produced)

Why a French Artist Sealed Himself Inside a Giant Rock (wrote & produced)

The Cicadapocalypse Is Coming: 5 Facts You Need to Know (wrote & produced)

Strange Heartland History: Nashville’s Prostitute Problem (wrote & produced)

Check Out This Homemade 1.5 Gauage Shotgun (wrote & produced)

The Guy’s Guide to Lingerie Shopping (wrote & produced)

“Reasons to Vote for Democrats” is Amazon Bestseller (wrote & produced)

Using Spinach to Grow Human Hearts (wrote & produced)

Strange Heartland History: Using Nukes for Mining and Excavation (wrote & produced)

Strange Heartland History: Mark Twain’s Vibrator (wrote & produced)

The Robird: A remote-controlled, robotic raptor (wrote & produced)

Strange Heartland History: 1930s Nazi Summer Camps! (wrote & produced)

Strange Heartland History: The Most Batshit Governor in History (wrote & produced)

Strange Heartland History: The Panty Raid Epidemic of 1952 (wrote & produced)

5 Best Heartland Cities (wrote & produced)

You Don’t Know Sh*t: Rated Red’s Scat-Identifying Game Show (created & produced)

Strange Heartland History: The Pi Bill of 1897 (wrote & produced)

Strange Heartland History: President Harrison & the Dakotas Mystery (wrote & produced)

Obamas Reportedly Receive Largest Book Deal of All Time (wrote & produced)

“5 Moments in the Life of an English Major” Read live at That Time of the Month. Parnassus Books. July 24, 2016.

“I Get It From My Mother” Read Live at Listen To Your Mother Nashville. Tennessee Performing Arts Center. April 30, 2016.

“5 Things to Know Before Proposing in Paris” Read live at Tenx9 Nashville. May 23, 2016.

My first script for the CinemaSins guys–on their new channel Music Video Sins:

My second script for the CinemaSins guys–on their new channel Music Video Sins:

A real attempt at voice-over

Story reading: “Here comes peter cottontail”

Story reading: “Comparing apples to oranges”

Story reading: “Memoirs of a panty slinger, or rebel without a bra (Can a man work at Victoria’s Secret?)”

Story reading: “On my honor, I will do my duty”

Song parody I wrote for Belmont’s Fall Follies 2009:

“I’m On a Bike” (Parody of The Lonely Island’s “I’m On a Boat”)

Second song parody I wrote for the Belmont Cafeteria/Sodexo:

“Cafeteria State of Mind (Parody of Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind”)

Recording of a journal entry: “The Tornado Diaries”